Note: Names and details are provided for your information only. Decisions regarding choice of medical professional and treatment are a patient's responsibility, as is all communication and interaction with listed medical professionals. Any information you send to a medical professional is not covered by the Teleflex Incorporated Privacy Policy: 

    The information and content in the Doctor Locator is provided solely by the medical professionals. This list was created to support persons who want to learn more about the PUL by helping connect them to medical professionals who currently have demonstrated qualifications, and interest in providing quality care with the PUL.

    To be included on the Doctor Locator, a medical professional must meet complete the PUL Integration Pathway (surgeon training program which includes module training and 15 observed cases) averaging at least 3 cases per month for a maximum period of 5 months.

    To stay on the Doctor Locator, a medical professional must:

    1. Perform a minimum of 5 cases during a 6 month period; or
    2. Complete one additional training module on PUL University within that 6 month period.

    The medical professionals on this list pay no fee for inclusion. Some medical professionals on this list may purchase products from the company and/or provide consulting services to the company. Teleflex Interventional Urology makes no representations or warranties regarding the skill of the medical professionals or the quality of their outcomes. You and your doctor must determine if the PUL treatment is the right procedure for you.

    The medical professionals currently on the Doctor Locator are in the process of fulfilling the above listed requirements. An audit period is completed every 6 months.